Play Poker Online

Have you played poker, or have you ever wanted to but not known where to start, you should try free online poker and get the hang of it first. To play free online poker is really quite easy. First you must visit one of the many free online poker sites on the Internet, and then simply register your details to join. An activation code will immediately be sent to your email address, when you've received it you'll be all set to play free online poker, with many great games, against hundreds of other users through state of the art software.

So what free online poker games are available on the free online poker sites? There are a variety of tournaments available but they can be divided in to two simple categories - Single Table Tournaments and Multi Table Tournaments. Single Table Tournaments can be found under the 'Sit 'n' Go' tab in the free online poker page. They are known as 'Sit 'n' Go's because once all the places at a Single Table Tournament are filled, the free online poker game can start immediately. Free online poker sites also offer a vast range of Multi Table Tournaments. Multi Table Tournaments can accept more than 10 players at the free online poker game and split them up over multiple tables. You can find this free online poker game plus many others when you download the free online poker software.

With many sites competing for players to participate in free online poker, how does the participant find the best free online poker site? Surfing the internet will show hundreds of potential sites offering free online poker and many other games. However it is possible to get information on free online poker sites direct to your desktop. Companies like Gaming Alerts, through new free, downloadable technology will advise you on free online poker sites as well as information on other gaming sites.