Poker Magazines

Poker magazines are available in most good newsagents etc. They are designed not just for poker professionals around the world but for anyone who likes the game, no matter what their aptitude.

The magazines provide useful insight into so many things. Here’s a breakdown of the type of thing they cover:

• Tournaments – they include reviews and results of tournaments down to the very final table, including detailed hand-by-hand reviews of the tournament, player rankings and prize funds. They also include details of forthcoming events in the poker calendar both on and offline as well as guidance on how to participate or qualify.

• Players – they often publish player reviews covering everything from their background to their playing style. They will cover all the well-known stars such as the “magician” Antonio Esfandiari and little known players coming up through the ranks. They will also show rankings in the UK and the world and details of their career progress.

• Tips and guidance – in each issue you can find advice or examples of how to improve your game from simply hand rankings and probability to more complicated betting strategies and your “poker face”! They will cover different strategies from an objective stance presenting you with both the positives and negatives.

• Site reviews – some magazines will offer reviews on online poker sites such as VC Poker aiming to help you come to a decision as to where to play. They will cover most of the well known sites with screen shots and advice as well as details on their promotional offers and bonuses.

• News – most poker magazines will tell you of any current affairs in the poker market including results and standings but also including things like government action in countries where gambling is illegal and anything else that could affect a poker player or tournament.

• Lastly, as with most magazines about anything, they will be packed full of images of anything poker related from tournaments to players.

In this section you can find a list of all the major poker magazines with information and reviews on each.