Chris Moneymaker

You couldn’t buy a better last name for this player who made his money in what could be made into a classic film!!

He spent $40 on the Poker Stars online card room and from that won his seat to the 2003 WSOP No Limit Hold’em Championship.

In order to get to the event his dad had to lend him the money for a cut of his winnings. However there was a fairy tale ending to the story, Chris went on to win the tournament and the $2.5 million prize money.

This big win was his first live tournament. With Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey on either side of him, it was an intimidating start to the tournament, but he overcame this to play some great poker.

Sponsored by Poker Stars, Chris uses his screen name Money800 when playing online. He is a sportsman and a gentleman and a pleasure to watch.

Chris also came second in the Season 2 World Star Poker Tour.