Doyle Brunson

Doyle is a veteran to the game. He is a living legend to poker followers around the globe.

Having played poker for over 50 years, Doyle is still a serious contendor at cash games and has 10 WSOP gold bracelets under his belt.

Doyle was a great sportsman, but injury meant he could not play professionally. He turned to poker after he discovered he was good, very good, and could make a better living playing poker than working a 9-5 job!!

Doyle is known for betting in other fields – he famously bet his friend he could lose 100 pounds. He won the bet. The bet was for $1 MILLION!!!

Looking at Doyles history in the game, it is only natural for him to have written a book. Super System – the Bible of Poker is used by poker newbies all over the world and has contributions by other poker players. The sequal, Super Systems 2 has contributions from his son, Todd Doyle.

Doyle’s sincerity and morals are an endearing quality. He says that gamblers have an obligation to themselves and eachother, and to the game to conduct themselves honourably.


Final Table Season 1 WSOP Won – Legends of Poker, WPT, Season 3 Inductee to Poker Walk of Fame with James Garner and Gus Hansen.