James Garner

James Garner is well known for being in Maverick the comedy western in the late 50’s. He played the part of an adventurous gambler roaming the old west. The series also featured Jack Kelly, Roger Moore and Robert Colbert as the poker playing travelling Mavericks. Brett Maverick, the skilled poker-player, who used his wits to get him out of scrapes-with the law and with outlaws. Cool, good-natured and likeable, he was one of television’s first engaging Western heroes. Maverick became synonymous with poker and certainly helped to popularize the game.

The poker walk of fame held on February 25, 2004 introduced its first members at the Commerce Casino in a ceremony before top pros and celebrities at the L.A. Poker Classic tournament. The walk of fame honours the men and women who have contributed to its evolution and popularity, who are making the game appealing for a new generation of poker fan. James Garner was one of the three players to put their hands in concrete that surrounds a large depiction of a stylized poker chip, along with a unique depiction of each player’s most famous poker hand. Gus Hansen and Doyle Brunson were the other two poker players to put their hands in concrete.