Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold, a professional poker player from California. His winnings have totaled over twelve million dollars, bringing him national acclaim as the biggest winner in poker history. He is famous for his cool attitude toward betting loads of money, with this aggressive playing style being counteracted by a calm countenance. While most players play the game with a constant face of steel, Jamie Gold is alive and active, calm and composed during the entirety of the game.

He learned strategy by reading a countless number of poker books, and he apparently “caught the bug” for poker from his mother, who was an avid player during Jamie’s youth. His grandfather was a gambler as well – an actual champion of gin rummy. Support from his mother and grandfather was incredibly important as Jamie began his first movement into the professional poker world, and family affirmation kept him going even at points when he believed he couldn’t. Gold is a classic example of family ties holding him up and bringing victory closer to his grasp.

After his first big win, Gold ended his contract with the company Bodog.com (which originally brought him into the rankings for the World Series tournament), and became the head of an entertainment company called Buzznation.