Phil Gordon

Phil Gordon took a liking to Poker at a very young age; his career began at age 7, playing against his great aunt for pennies. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology at age 20 with a degree in Computer Sciences. Phil had a very successful professional career including 2 years at NASA. He gave this all in to spend time flying solo from continent to continent, learning more about culture, religion and virtually everything there is to every nation in the world, he has visited over 50 countries. He has also participated in a great deal of charity work, including being a national spokesman and board member for a Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation.

Phil Gordon has scored over one million Dollars in world-wide poker tournaments. His major winnings include a fourth place at the World Series of Poker 2001 event, which made him over $400,000 richer. In 2002, he backed up his stellar performance with two final table appearances at the WSOP. After these impressive results, Phil was invited to play in the inaugural WPT event in Aruba; here he proved what insightful observers had known all along, as he took out 7 of the top players in the world to take home his first major tournament victory. His play is steady but unpredictable, and with Phil’s mathematical intelligence and cunning, he is a very challenging opponent.

Today, Phil is widely known for many of his accomplishments within the poker industry. He has also written two books on poker, “The Real Deal” and his recently released “Gordon’s Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Holdem”.

You can find Phil Gordon at the poker tables of Full Tilt Poker. This is his regular hideout whenever he’s not sitting in front of the cameras or at the real life tables.