PKR - Get online poker's biggest bonus

First Deposit Bonus with PKR up to $2,000

PKR offers a variety of bonuses designed to match every player's level of play.

  • The 100% bonus up to $2,000 is designed especially for elite players who know when to make a fantastic call with a minimum deposit of $1,000 - additional requirements, see PKR site
  • The 100% bonus up to $600 is offered to players who enjoy higher limit cash games with a minimum first deposit of $250
  • The 50% bonus up to $250 is for the player who attends more mid-level cash games or higher level tournaments
  • Even the less frequent player has a bonus with their first deposit PKR will credit your account $50 when you earn 6,000 PKR points

Our Review

Welcome to the next generation of poker with PKR. This 3D poker site allows you to create your very own poker character to represent yourself.

Not only is PKR online poker great fun, but it also offers great bonuses, great poker tournaments and a fantastic following of poker players.

PKR really has hit it off - they might be new but they are the only poker site that has managed to distinguish themselves from the others by providing and new and unique way to play - 3D.PKR is the fastest growing poker room at the moment and now has over 400,000 users.Its a great place to learn how to play as you can practice on the play for free tables and they have a poker school.Once you've got used to the cool new software and made sure you're up on the rules then you can play against like minded people on the real tables.

Their sign up bonus is pretty generous - new players get up to $2,000 on their first deposit.You also get PKR points when you join up (3000 of them!) and continue to accumulate them when you play.You can exchange these for cool stuff.

PKR has got a great community feel with their forum, online chat and chance to join Team PKR at the World Series this year,

PKR is by far the best 3D site, once you've given it a go you will never go back to the old style sites around.Poker is all about entertainment, and there is plenty of that at PKR


  • PKR now guaranteeing over $1,800,000 every week!

Poker Loyalty

Play PKR for money and you'll start earning PKR Points straight away. You can redeem your points to claim some fantastic prizes such as Premium freerolls and cool merchandise.

User Reviews

Paul Jacobsen

I love this site - the opposition is the worst I've come across and the graphics are stunning. It is a big initial download but well worth it in my opinion.

Frank Porter

Doenload took ages on PKR. All the 3D is stuff is fun at the beginning.

James Graham

Like PKR to play at but took ages to download and also the tables are never full so its hard to find a high stakes table.Lots of fun for play for free though

james b

Amazing software and endless fun with the emotes. Making your character say and do whatever you want is a giant leap ahead of the chat box's on other sites. Terrible players too! Just need a few more players on there to bump up the tournies and this will be by far the best site on the net!

Alex F

I have started playing in the tournaments for lowish stakes but its great fun to play there especially for someone like me who wants the entertainment side of things too when I play.Good to wind up the opponents with all the moves! and I have started winning some good money

Joe Schmo

Played PKR for a long time now. Why is it there's so many computer players filling the tables - something dodgy going on there?Nice software, too slow to play though. Gets very boring.Moved onto Pokerwize which is a lot quicker, in 3D and has more players online; albeit on other networks.

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