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This is the place to find all the latest in the poker tournament world.From online pokerto live action, if there’s a big tournament going on, you’ll find something about it here.We like to keep our readers up to date with all the most important poker news , especially what’s going on at the WSOP , so definitely check it out.On the second half of this page you’ll find the latest tournament results or information about the biggest upcoming poker tournament events in both live and online venues.

2008 Legends of Poker taken down by John Phan

John Phan takes down the 2008 World Poker Tour event: Legends of Poker, which was a $10,000 buy-in no limit hold’em championship tournament.He ended up walking away with the first-place prize, which was worth over $1.

The final table began play at 4 pm on the 28th of August in Bell Gardens, California, at the Bicycle Casino, and after the cards were done being dealt John Phan was declared the winner.He was awarded $1,091,428 for his efforts in his second consecutive final table appearance in the Legends of Poker Event.

Phan ended up taking down Amit Makhija with a pair of pocket threes that held up against Makhija’s K-7 after the two got all their chips in pre-flop.Makhija was awarded $563,320 for his respectable second-place finish.

Free poker tournaments at Poker in the Park!

Poker enthusiasts can get a taste of real poker action for free at this year’s Poker in the Park festival being held in Leicester Square, which is a world-famous area in London.

During the festival people will have the opportunity to play in poker tournaments, held every hour, against other poker enthusiasts for free, which will give everyone the chance to find out what the game’s excitement is all about.

Poker in the Park will be is scheduled to take place 15-16th of August: 4pm - 9pm on Friday the 15th and 10:30am - 6:30pm Saturday the 16th.

At the festival professional poker players will give their advice by holding lectures for everyone as well as book signings. Poker in the Park is expected to attract somewhere around 25,000 poker enthusiasts at all levels of the game – from seasoned players to people who just want to find out what all the fuss is about.

Best of all the entire event is free, so it seems like a good way to spend an afternoon if you want to find out a little more about poker.

The Paddy Power Poker Olympics!

Make your run at the Olympics with Paddy Power Poker and show everyone at the table why you deserve a gold medal in poker.Paddy Power Poker is hosting a series of money-added poker tournaments and they’ve rightly named it the PPP Olympics to celebrate the events going on in Beijing.

You can take your shot at poker gold every night starting on the 8th of August through the 14th.Of course every tournament will have somewhere between $250 and $1,000 added.

“I know there is a lot of excitement right now about the small sporting event due to take place in Beijing in August, but we wanted to offer something even more exciting for our players,” said the communications manager for Paddy Poker Poker. “We’re giving away over $20,000 to those players willing to show us they’re at the top of their game and trying to get on the podium – for those who have been in training these last few months, it is now time to grab their spandex, shave all their body hair and reach out for the gold medal.”

In addition to the great series coming up if you play in three PPP Olympics events you get a chance to play in a freeroll on the 15th of August, which will have a grand prize of a $4,500 Irish Winter Festival package, along with a number of other great prizes.