WSOP 2007 Results to 11 June 2007

The first full week of the WSOP kicked off on 1 June 2007. It is the 38th annual tournament this year and is being held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las vegas.

So dar the event s that have taken place are:

Event 1 (June 1) – World Championship Mixed Hold-em Limit with a Buy in of $5000.

This event was won by Steve Billirakis who took $536,287 in prize money. Greg Mueller took 2nd place with $328.554 and Anthony George took 3rd place with $218,329.

There were 451 entries in this tournament and the total prize pool was $2,119,700.

Event 2 (June 1) – Casino Employees No Limit Hold-em with a buy in of $500.

This event was won by Frederick Narciso who took $104,701.

There were 1039 entries to this tournament and $467,500 in total prize money.

Event 3 (June 2) – No-Limit Hold-em with a $1500 buy in.

This event was won by Cairan O’Leary who took the prize fund of $727,012.

Paul Evans was placed second, winning $450,150 and in third place was Alex Jocob who won $282,367.

The total prize fund in event 3 was $4,497,000 and there were 2998 entries.

Event 4 (June 3) – Pot Limit Hold’em with a $1500 buy in.

Out of the 781 entries to this tournament, the total prize fund came to $1,066,065.

The event was won by Michael Spiegel, who took $252,290. Gavin Smith and Jon Friedberg took second and third place winning $155,645 and $101,276 respectively.

Event 5 (3 June) – Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo-8 or Better with a $2500 buy in.

Televised by ESPN, this event had 327 entries and had a total prize pool of $752,100.

The event was won by Tom Schneider who took away $214,347.

Ed Tonnellier and Annie Duke took 2nd and 3rd place and won $118,456 and $75,210 respectively.

Event 6 (June 4) – Limit Hold’Em with a $1500 buy in.

Gary Styczynski is won this event taking $280,715. In second place was Varouzhan winning $177,627. Thrd place was won by Hansu Chu. Chu took $114,728 in prize money.

Event 7 (June 4-June 6) – Pot Limit Omaha with Re-Buys – $5000 buy in and a total prize pool of $2,891,000.

Burt Boutin won the $868,645 first place proze money for this event. Erik Caajelas will be happy with his second place winnings of $508,816. And Dave Ulliot who led the match at the beginning took $349,811 for third place.

**Event 8 (June 5-June 8) – No Limit Hold-em with Re-buys. Buy in $1000.

Michael Chu stole the title here, winning $585,774.Second place went to Tyan Vu and thisr to Barry Cales winning $364,761 and $235,575 respectively.

Event 9 (June 5-June 8) Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better.

This event had a $1500 buy in and 690 participants.

The winner was Alexander Karvchenko taking $228,446. Bryan Andrews tool second place winning $140,336 and in third was John Varner winning $92,301.

Event 10 (6-8 June) No-Limit Hold’Em

$2000 Buy in and 1532 entrants.

The winner of this event, taking the $566,916 prize money was Willaim Durkee. Second place was Todd Terry, scooping $353,875 and Hunter Frey took third and $231,273 in prize momey. The total prize pool was $2,786,420.

Event 11 (6-8 June) World Championship Seven Card Stud

Buy in $5000 and 180 entries. The winner fo this tournament was Chris Reslock. He took home $258,453 of the total proze pool of $846,000.

Second place was taken by Phil Ivey and thrid place by David Oppenheim.

Event 12 (7-9 June) No-Limit Hold’Em/Six Handed Event

The buy-in for this event was $1500, there were 1427 entries and the total prize pool was $1,947,855.

The first place prize fund was $481,698 and this was taken by Jason Warner.

Second place was taken by David Lolis and third by Steve Olell.

Event 13 (8-10 June) World Championship Pot Limit Hold’Em

The buy-in for this tournament was $5000. With 398 entries the and a tptal prize pool of $1,870,600 this event was won by Allen Cunningham who’s share was $487,287.

Second place went to Jeffrey Lissandro and third to Humberto Brenes.

Event 14 (8-10 June) Seven Card Stud There were 385 entries, each coughing up a buy-in of $1500. The total prize pool was $525,525.

Michael Keiner took first place and the prize of $149,987. Nesbitt Coburn took second place in this event and Steve Sung took third place.