Facebook Poker

Facebook Poker

With Facebook letting third-party applications run on the site, a number of organisations saw a great opportunity to open up their products to a huge new audience, now estimated to be over 62 million active users.

One of these organisations was Ujogo, who developed a poker application specifically designed for Facebook.With poker recently gaining a new younger audience, Facebook was the ideal platform to launch a new poker craze, and sure enough poker players flocked to get the application on their Facebook pages.

Facebook has had other poker applications launched on the networking site before, but none have been as successful at Ujogo's version.Ujogo's poker game on Facebook is slightly different, in that it offers cash prizes for gaining points played at play-money tables.Currently the prizes are only available to US players, despite the gambling laws in force in the States.This poker game remains legal thanks to the fact that the poker players are not gambling their own money on Facebook, meaning it is 'free' and 'no risk'.Players can rack up their points by signing up, referring new players, increasing play time, and general performance.

Ujogo had commission research into the online poker market to see if there was scope for a free only poker game to be launched on Facebook.The results told how more than 30million people play free poker games every single week.

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