Play Live

Online Poker has proved a great hit with millions of people all over the globe. For players growing tired of the generated players offered by many online poker setups the next logical step is to play live poker where the games are a little more serious.

Many online poker rooms offer satellites that link you to live poker games with people from anywhere on the globe. Players can often select rooms designed according to their demographics. For example you could play in a room designed for UK customers of a certain age or a room designed specifically for ladies. In this respect many live poker rooms work in similar ways to chat rooms so that you can play with the people you want. Other satellites are open to all customers. These are often the ones that provide the most serious and difficult games, many filled with professional poker players.

Many of these satellites are used as a tool by poker tournaments. Players can qualify for massive online tournaments as well as gaining qualification for some world poker tournaments like The World Series of Poker where you could end up playing for very high stakes against some of the world’s best poker players.

Playing live online poker can be very daunting for the first time and becoming accustomed to it can be a drawn out process. Playing live poker offline is the advised way to start. You can start by simply playing with friends for chips but no real money. From here you may progress to more serious tournaments where massive winnings can be accumulated.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous many casinos and card rooms offer different multi-table events designed for every level of poker player from novices up to professionals who can make a good living purely by playing.

The best strategy as far as live poker goes is to adjust quickly to the playing styles of those around you. This applies both online and offline. Your opponents will affect your game plan. If you concentrate you can see patterns in their play. This, as well as being able to read an opponent’s reactions will help you decide when best to call / bet and when best to fold and get out while you can. This is the advantage of offline live poker as you have more to work with. With live poker online you can only judge by your hand, their betting patterns and the speed of their play, whereas offline you can actually see the player.